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Whether it’s premium dining at a 5 star restaurant, a Friday night parma at the pub with friends, or a weeknight spag bol with the family, meals unite us. They should be treasured. Never taken for granted. In many ways, they are the lifeblood of humanity. A reason to see each other, to laugh, to socialise. But most importantly -  an opportunity to eat delicious food.

Just as meals should be treasured, so should the core ingredients that go into those meals. Using quality ingredients can be the difference between an average meal and a great one.

For too long, the heart of the kitchen has been neglected in our supermarket aisles. The foods that make our world go round - olive oil, for example - have been taken for granted.

Our products will always share three things: they are of the highest quality, they look great, and they are easy to use. That should be the minimum expectation for the foods you use every single day. 

Most of the essentials you buy at the supermarket are bland in both taste and in look. But not ours.

Don’t tuck our olive oil away in the pantry during dinner parties - squeeze away and then proudly display it on the kitchen bench. Enjoy the meal that follows, because exquisite taste is guaranteed.

We’ll deliver to your door, at the times you want, so you’ll never run out. 

It’s time to bring meals to life by celebrating the essentials.

- Dani & Billy