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10 things to do with extra virgin olive oil

1. Cooking

Let’s start with the most obvious – and the most important. How many times have you begun a recipe and been told to “heat olive oil in a saucepan” as step numero uno? It’s the beating heart of many of the most delicious meals in the world – particularly those from Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Greek, Moroccan and Australian cuisine. 

Olive oil is an ingredient, not a sauce or condiment. What’s the difference? Well, ingredients combine to make a dish – condiments add that little bit extra to a dish that’s already made. And quality ingredients often elevate a dish from average to spectacular. That’s why the very first thing you throw into the pan – olive oil – might be the difference between a dashing, robust crowd pleaser or receiving a half hearted “thanks for cooking, really appreciate it buddy” when deep down you know they hated it. 

So use EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL when cooking – we can’t stress that enough. It’s the freshest, tastiest and healthiest oil of them all. And preferably Supper Supply’s EVOO. We are trying to flog you our product through this site, at the end of the day.


2. Dressing

Not the clothes type. In fact, avoid getting it on your clothes at all costs. If this article was “10 things you SHOULDN’T do with olive oil” then spilling it on your best jacket would be number one. Anyway – olive oil is great on salads. Splash of vinegar and lemon juice, dash of S&P, add your trusty EVOO, and you’ve got a pretty rockin’ vinaigrette on your hands. 


3. Hair

Excuse the chemistry class – we're going to start off a little sciency to explain this one. Olive oil has oleic acid, palmitic acid, and squalene in it – all of which happen to be “emollients”, which in simple terms mean they have softening qualities. There is research out there that suggests olive oil can be used very effectively as a moisturiser. And guess what? It’s only the unrefined, cold pressed premium EVOO that works for this. In all honesty, we’d prefer you use our EVOO in food but hey, if you need to keep your hair smooth we won’t complain if you throw a little “Main Squeeze” into those flowing locks of yours. As long as you keep buying it.


4. Skin

The same properties that make olive oil good for your hair prove useful for your skin as well. The emollients and antioxidants act as a moisturiser for dry skin, protect against premature aging, and can even manage sun damage. However, if you have sensitive or acne prone skin we’d recommend giving it a miss and trying one of the other 9 things you can do with our EVOO.


5. Deep frying/grilling/baking 

We’ve chucked this one in specifically to target an unfortunate myth that seems to have perpetuated over time: that olive oil has a low “smoke point” and therefore can’t be used for types of cooking that demand high temperatures. The term “smoke point” is pretty much as the name suggests – the temperature at which oils and fats start emitting a blueish smoke instead of simmering. That smoke will cause your foods to taste – well – smoky. This myth is half true. If your olive oil is refined or mixed with other olive oils then it probably won’t do that well when it gets hot in the kitchen. But pure extra virgin olive oil won’t start smoking until up to 207°C (405°F), meaning it will handle most types of scenarios that demand heat that is a little more intense than the average frypan. 

In addition – smoke points aren't everything when it comes to heat. Studies have indicated that the smoke point is probably a “crude physical measurement” for determining how oils handle heat and we should look beyond that to find the true answer. Extra virgin olive oil has shown to be more “stable” than other oils at high temperatures, meaning it doesn’t break down as easily and emit stuff like “free radicals” - unstable atoms that cause illness. I think we can safely say “myth busted” for this one.


6. Drinking

If it’s good enough for Kourtney Kardashian, it’s good enough for us. The American reality TV star and socialite recently stated on her website that she drinks a tablespoon of EVOO every morning. Selena Gomez and Kelly Clarkson are on the bandwagon as well. Just another wacky celebrity trend? Maybe. But EVOO is widely recognised for its fantastic health benefits and there’s nothing wrong with ensuring you tap into those by going straight down the hatch. Bottoms up.


7. Squeaky Doors

Doors making an annoying noise when you open them? In all likelihood, there’s some friction in the hinge, caused by a buildup of dust or dust, or lack of grease in the metal surfaces of the hinge. It’s “metal on metal” that is making the squeaking noise. Don’t worry though – the perfect solution is in your cupboard.  Just a dash of our Main Squeeze EVOO on the hinge and you’ll forget the squeak ever existed.


8. Removing Makeup

We’ll be honest here – there’s better stuff out there than olive oil for removing makeup. For example – make up removers. Even more as the name describes than “smoke point”, are makeup removers. But hey, if you’re in an emergency and all you have is your trusty Main Squeeze EVOO to turn to, it will do the job just fine. Use circular motions on your face and make sure to rinse afterwards with warm water (and maybe a cleanser - your face might not feel the cleanest it's ever felt, but trust us, the makeup will be gone). 


9. Face Mask

OK, this one requires a couple of other ingredients. But so does cooking, right? All you need for this one is EVOO, honey, lemon juice and egg white (if your skin is oily) or egg yolk (if your skin is dry). Follow the four steps below to create your very own DIY face mask:

  1. Mix the EVOO, honey, and lemon juice in a small bowl or container, and then add the yolk or white afterwards and whisk. 
  2. Apply a good layer of the resulting mixture with your hands or a makeup brush. 
  3. Sit and read Supper Supply’s other yarns for 20 minutes (not a compulsory step, but strongly recommended).
  4. Wash off with warm water. 


10. Wooden Furniture

Not only does olive oil work as a lubricant for squeaky doors, it also makes an excellent polish. Couple of drops of olive oil onto a rag will breathe new life into your tired oak dining table. Same things applies for conditioning leather furniture. Apply the EVOO, let it sit for half an hour, clean away the excess and voila.