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5 Dishes That Demand Good Olive Oil

Using extra virgin olive oil is never a bad idea. It was held in such high esteem by the Ancient Greeks that they burnt it to create the “eternal flame” in the Ancient Olympics (that’s a fact). Since then society has come a long way and we’ve realised EVOO is far better when it’s being consumed. Whilst the Olympic flame is theoretically eternal, our EVOO (unfortunately) won’t quite give you immortality but it will elevate your dishes to a level you didn’t think was possible.

Here we discuss 5 dishes that you simply must use EVOO with in order to get the best out of them.



1. Olive and lemon pasta with parsley

Our headquarters are in Melbourne and things are starting to heat up here. It’s unseasonably warm for springtime and it couldn’t be a more delicious entrée before our full-blown summer swings into action. This is no entrée but it is the perfect dish for spring or summer nights that push over 20 degrees. Simple enough for a weeknight yet classy enough for a dinner party. Click here for our fav olive and lemon pasta recipe. They recommend “good-quality olive oil” for it, and for that we recommend buying from here!


2. Roasted sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are finally getting an appropriate amount of love but the key to enjoying them to the fullest is knowing exactly how to cook them. They’re the ultimate roasting vegetable and turn a delicious gold-brown when done right. We recommend the following for the best results:

a. Pre-heat the oven – chucking them into a cold oven increases your odds of getting soggy potatoes
b. Boil the potatoes before roasting them
c. Lots of Supper Supply EVOO
d. Cut your potatoes into little “moons”. This reduces cooking time and gets them nice and crispy
e. Use a nice seasoning to add flavour – we suggest something like salt, pepper, garlic, chipotle and onion powder


3. Savoury oats

This recipe is a great healthy change up for those that like their porridge. EVOO and oranges replace sugar and will leave you feeling a lot fuller for that tough morning period in-between breakfast and lunch. Not to mention all those other great health benefits to EVOO that sugar can’t replicate – healthy fats and antioxidants that help to fight heart disease, inflammation and cancer. Other ingredients include lemon zest, almonds and salt. Sounds crazy, but trust us!


4. Green Gazpacho

Olive oil seems to pair very well with the colour green – think pesto, herbs, cucumbers and lettuce leaves. Gazpacho is traditionally tomato based but like the Godfather Part II (controversial call) we think this Green Gazpacho is better than the original. Water based soups like this one can be a very nutritious option at lunchtime – low in calories and high in protein if you pack them with enough vegetables and other good stuff. This is dead easy to make – use a blender for ultimate simplicity or otherwise chop fine and combine well.


5. Traditional Italian Focaccia

We couldn’t write a list about dishes that are elevated by EVOO without including focaccia. We’ve already written about “Billy’s Dad’s pizza dough recipe” – but here is another brilliant recipe to create some bread that is as soft as a memory-foam pillow. And not those cheap imitations you get from Kmart – we’re talking your premium, specially made pillows you get from joints like Therasleep or Couldpillow (promise we’re not taking a commission). Anyway – this one does require a bit of prep (at least 18 hours in the fridge is recommended) but can be done in as little as 3 hours if you don’t have the time. This one HAS to be done with good quality EVOO so make sure to stock up on Supper Supply (we’re taking 100% commission for this one).