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6 Tips For Hosting A Dinner Party by Alex Davidson

It’s no secret I love to throw a dinner party. Here are my go-to’s for the perfect evening.

  1. Set The Tone

Start by picking a theme or vibe. Whether it's a chic garden party or a cozy rustic affair, having a clear theme sets the stage for a memorable evening. My go-to is an Italian theme. If you’re lacking inspiration, just try to be consistent across your preparation. For instance, curating a playlist full of heavy metal for a high tea party is probably not going to win you too many fans. 

  1. Don’t Forget Some Fresh Blooms

Head over to your local florist and pick up a bunch of fresh blooms to display on the dining table. I love to get poppies from Harris Farm. Pro tip if your glassware matches your vases. Everyone likes flowers - I’ve never met a single person that’s said “yeah, that beautiful floral arrangement is really bringing the vibe down”.

  1. Nail The Music

Picking a playlist is only half the battle here. Before you even get started on that, make sure you have semi-decent speakers that won’t run out of battery halfway through the night. Once that is done, Spotify is your best friend. You don’t even really have to know that much about music to find a good playlist. These days you can just rely on song radio to continue whatever vibe you’ve gone with. Also: whatever you do, keep the “singalong person” away from the music for as long as possible. Every party has that one person that gets a little pissed and immediately reverts to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and the like. Great songs, but have the maximum effect when used sparingly.

  1. Transform With A Statement Tablecloth

A beautiful tablecloth can do wonders for the ambiance. Choose one that complements your theme and elevates the space. It's a small touch that makes a big impact. I can guarantee when your guests see a tablecloth on the table they are thinking “wow, this person really has their shit together.” Only people that have their shit together put nice tablecloths on their tables. My favourite ones are from In The Roundhouse.

  1. Elevate Your Dishes

Now, let's talk about the star of the show: Supper Supply's premium olive oil. This isn't your run-of-the-mill oil; it's a game-changer. Its rich, distinctive flavour adds a whole new dimension to your dishes. Just a drizzle of this liquid gold on your salad will be that finishing touch that transforms the dish. Trust me, your guests will be asking for your secret ingredient. They’ve also got a few recipes on their website so check them out if you need a hand!

  1. End On A Sweet Note

Much like flowers (refer tip #2), everyone likes dessert. Dessert is the grand finale, so why not make it special? Pick up a delectable cake from your favorite bakery. It's the perfect way to wrap up the evening on a sweet note. For something a bit different, my suggestion is olive oil with ice cream. Watch as everyone claims to only want “the smallest little sliver” but then stealthily goes for seconds later.

Alex Davidson is co-host of By Your Side podcast and a digital creator based in Newcastle. Find her on all channels here